Introducing our Mindfulness Videos.

We're proud to announce the addition of our NEW Mindfulness Video Series. A series of insightful and interactive tutorials which are designed to help develop your mindfulness, study and workplace skills by closely following the Mindfulness for Study book. Each video accompanies a different chapter of Mindfulness for Study, carefully guiding you through the book with interactive elements, activities, and quizzes. Pause the videos at any point and simply pick up where you left off when you’re ready, utilising your hard copy to write notes and highlight key points that you find useful.

Mindfulness for Study

We have collaborated with our friends at Loughborough University to create these fantastic interactive tutorials. The videos are there to assist anyone with Mental Health and Anxiety, along with great advice for anyone on the Autistic spectrum, or if you are just finding life a little harder during these difficult times. This informative series has been created based off the outstanding book, Mindfulness for Study.
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